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Israeli tourists ‘gutted’ that they’re not welcome in Bradford

Tel Aviv airport was unusually quiet yesterday following George Galloway’s announcement that Bradford is to be an ‘Israel-free zone.’ ‘Normally there would be three or four flights a day to Leeds Bradford airport’, a spokesman said. ‘Israelis love Bradford.’

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Posted: Aug 31st, 2014
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Foreign Office; ‘Ecuador can keep Assange as long as they take Galloway as well’

'lickspittle' apparently has a different meaning in SwedishIn a move that has surprised most but pleased many, the British Government has given Ecuador one final option to resolve the current diplomatic crisis. They can keep Julian Assange, but have to take George Galloway as well.

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Posted: Aug 25th, 2014
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Nick Clegg to grow a spine for ‘Manuary’

‘Who knows, if it all goes well, next year he may even grow a pair of balls too,’ said a spokesperson.

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Posted: Nov 26th, 2012
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Dear George – the newly-elected MP helps readers with their problems

‘I and the constituents of Bury know how you feel, and that’s why they elected me to represent them in the most amazing political outcome in history.’

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Posted: Apr 4th, 2012
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