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Spanish authorities open diplomatic bag, remove Ferrero Rocher

Tensions between the United Kingdom and Spain reached ever higher levels as a member of the Gibraltarian parliament was stopped at the Spanish Border and subjected to the ignominy of having his Diplomatic Bag searched.

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Posted: Nov 27th, 2013
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Queues to leave the Isle of Wight ‘normal’ say police

‘We demand British citizenship,’ said a placard waving Mrs Jacobs, from Ryde, as delays in and outbound lengthened to twenty minutes, with border guards announcing an inspection of spare tyre pressures.

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Posted: Aug 14th, 2013
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UK and Spain in dispute over Bongobongoland sovereignty

leaders agreed to find a solution which didn't involve flinging pooPrime Minister David Cameron has today been in talks with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in an attempt to diffuse tensions between the two countries over control of Bongonbongoland.

Spain is now claiming that the previously inconspicuous British territory is rightfully theirs due its proximity to Spain, and Spanish border officials have been causing severe delays to anyone attempting to cross the border with Bongobongoland by carrying out lengthy checks on vehicles. In addition they have been charging a 50 Euro (100 Bongoese Pound) fee, and have also been threatening to investigate the tax affairs of any Bongobongolander living or working in Spain.

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Posted: Aug 7th, 2013
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Foreign Office to refer to Spain as ‘Northern Gibraltar’

‘The spit of land which lies between France and the British territory of Gibraltar, with Portugal attached to its left-hand side, will in future be referred to by her Majesty’s Government as ‘North Gibraltar.’

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Posted: Aug 6th, 2013
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