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Quest for cheap razor blades ends in disappointment

A team of hirsute scientists and adventurers has returned from an unsuccessful six-month trek of the British Isles, jointly sponsored by the Disney and the Mormons, looking for affordable razor blades for men as part of a world-wide anti-poverty campaign.

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Posted: Jan 14th, 2014
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Contents of shopping list confirm couple’s romance dead

Don't forget the nose strips
A casual review of the items contained on the shopping list of late thirty-something couple Dan Lewis and Jane Moran revealed their seven-year relationship had finally shed any last vestiges of its original passion and had, according to Lewis, become less about being lovers and more about being flatmates, ‘but without the underlying sexual tension’.

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Posted: Aug 24th, 2009
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Gillette and Wilkinson Sword agree razor blade non-proliferation treaty

the best a man can getMen’s shaving goods increasing the capability of their razors from 2 or 3 blades up to as many as 6 or 7

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Posted: May 25th, 2009
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‘Alternative Shaving Centre’ unable to explain long beards

Advocates of holistic shaving ‘suspiciously hirsute’

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Posted: Jan 14th, 2008
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