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Glaswegian attack victim slams ‘rubbish’ muggers

Och, take it, nae bother.A man left mildly injured by an inexperienced gang of muggers in the east end of Glasgow has spoken out against the ‘poor quality’ of the assault.

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Posted: Jul 11th, 2013
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Joy/despair as Rangers/Celtic narrowly win Scottish Premier League

The green/blue half of Glasgow is celebrating in the streets today after Celtic/Rangers narrowly won the Scottish Premier League title. ‘I’m delighted/gutted,’ said Davie Neill, a lifelong Rangers/Celtic season ticket holder.

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Posted: May 15th, 2011
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Glaswegian translators demand asylum after reprisal threats

The Conservatives today tabled a question at PMQs asking the Prime Minister to reconsider his government’s refusal to grant translators working in war-torn Glasgow asylum in Surrey.

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Posted: Oct 28th, 2009
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