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Feature: All you need to know about cat insurance

precious ickle wuverly fing need big support, yesh he duA few simple security measures now can more than repay the initial outlay. If you leave your cat out at night but don’t keep it in a garage, why not detach its feet and make it harder to tow away?

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Posted: Aug 3rd, 2012
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‘Delusional’ Gaddafi ready to use mustard gas against meerkats

Colonel Gaddafi’s grip on reality slipped even further last night after he threatened to use mustard gas against the African continent’s meerkat population .

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Posted: Mar 3rd, 2011
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Singing insurance salesman found in wardrobe at finishing school

Police in Zurich this evening arrested an Italian opera singer who was found to have concealed himself in a wardrobe in a girls’ finishing school.

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Posted: Apr 18th, 2010
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