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Heston Blumenthal cooks himself in quest for culinary glory

‘I’m passionate about cooking,’ said Blumenthal, ‘and now I can really put my body and soul into it.’

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Posted: Jul 8th, 2011
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Clark Kent admits taking out ‘Super-injunction’

faster than a speeding bullet in getting an injunctionThe revelation is particularly embarrassing as Mr Kent works as a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet which had been campaigning for an end to the use of the law courts to protect celebrities from prying newspapers.

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Posted: May 10th, 2011
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Innuendo-free version of Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen to be broadcast for celibate viewers

only trouble is, without all that hair she looks just like her DadThe BBC has announced that a version of Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Kitchen which is entirely free of sexual suggestion will be shown over the festive season in a peak primetime slot. Her usual full-on X-rated programme will instead be confined to late-night schedules.

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Posted: Dec 13th, 2010
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Surrey man bests Gordon Ramsay in imaginary slanging match

Householder Peter Woodburn managed to reduce the foul-mouthed celebrity to tears following a blistering outburst during a fantasy argument.

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Posted: Nov 13th, 2010
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Gordon Ramsay flies in to save ailing restaurant only to discover it is one of his own

Gordon Ramsay was left red-faced during production of the latest series of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ when the establishment he was asked to save turned out to be his signature Chelsea restaurant.

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Posted: Apr 13th, 2010
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