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Grammar Nazis apprehended in Fourth Reich plot

ve haf vays off making you talk properA national calamity was narrowly averted today when police arrested a secret group of Grammar Nazis in an underground classroom.

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Posted: Aug 18th, 2014
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Apostrophe Liberation Front targets Mid’ Devon Council

“Whilst we don’t condone people takin’ the law into their ‘and’s, it’s entirely underst’able when they came up aga’nst authorities’ and organisations’ that jus’ refuse ‘ter listen.”

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Posted: Mar 19th, 2013
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iPad to give electric shock to anyone typing ‘would of’

In what one industry analyst has described as ‘a last desperate effort to yank humanity back from the edge of the abyss,’ Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iPad 3 will include a variation on spell-check software that will replace juxtapositions of the words ‘would’ and ‘of’ with the obviously grammatically correct ‘would have’, while administering a sharp electric shock.

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Posted: Mar 13th, 2012
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Internet to become literate by 2023

complaints should be sent to big@phall.usMay be posible to spell thing’s corectly & feature reel punctuaton in email adress’s and URL’s.

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Posted: Jan 20th, 2012
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Very long sentence for author who refused to use punctuation

An author with an aversion to commas and full stops has been prosecuted under the Punctuation Act and handed a very long sentence by the judge.

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Posted: Feb 9th, 2011
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