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Guardian readers to raise profile of sufferers by synchronising their ‘tuts’

36,000 Guardian readers tutted simultaneously this morning in an experiment aimed at waking the government up to the torture of political prisoners in Uzbekistan.

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Posted: Jun 23rd, 2015
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Louise Mensch explodes

‘We believe that Miss Mensch was involved in an animated conversation about the English Guardian Newspaper, which turned into a tirade against Edward Snowden, which became a full-on rant about some guy called Alistair Campbell’

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Posted: Nov 5th, 2013
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MPs facing ‘impossible choice’ between two huge fibbers

MPs say they have no plans to call Piers Morgan for questioning over the alleged hacking of Heather Mills’ phone while they struggle to decide which of the bare-faced whopper-mongers they should believe.

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Posted: Aug 5th, 2011
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Guardian in merger talks with Telegraph

country 'crying out' for decisive readershipThe Guardian newspaper, which now supports the Liberal Democrats, and the long standing Tory-supporting Telegraph Group have had preliminary talks on a possible merger, it has been revealed. Looking to be the progressive media outlet of choice for the majority of the country, both are now thought to be seeking an efficient, well-led vehicle which will retain the confidence of the crucial newsagent market.

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Posted: May 5th, 2010
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Calling newspaper ‘The Grauniad’ not funny anymore

Using the phrase ‘The Grauniad’ to describe the newspaper The Guardian was ‘not funny anymore.’

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Posted: Jun 2nd, 2007
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