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Government recognises ‘Modern Warfare 2′ syndrome

the burden of having do a spreadsheet can become 'overwhelming'Online support is being offered by the charity Help for Zeroes.

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Posted: Nov 17th, 2009
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Star Wars Storm Troopers ‘suffering mental health issues’

Ex-Storm troopers' lives being lived day by dayA recent poll of Imperial Storm troopers has revealed that as many as 20% are suffering from psychological issues due to the fact that they have had to switch from fighting for the good of the Universe to joining the Dark Side.

‘Every day is a living nightmare’ said clone Storm trooper A4815162342 who has been diagnosed as suffering from ‘Star Wars Syndrome’.

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Posted: Mar 16th, 2009
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Government recognizes Cod War syndrome

Ministry of Defence now willing to accept responsibility for vague fishy smell.

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Posted: Aug 27th, 2007
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