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MOD planning ‘massive exercise’ north of Hadrian’s Wall

Och aye, the newsThe Ministry of Defence is said to be drawing up plans to ‘stabilise’ Scotland in time for this year’s historic referendum. Leaked official documents have outlined a novel plan to send ‘lots of armed goodwill’ over the border, initially into friendly territory.

A squadron of the RAF regiment, two platoons of territorials, three linguists and a dog-handler from Essex are currently en-route to Carlisle in a fleet of minibuses. Meanwhile, members of the Royal Irish Regiment are said to be catching the evening Stranraer ferry, thus enacting an elegant ‘pincer movement’.

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Posted: Mar 3rd, 2014
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Salmond stonewalls Hadrian queries

Amid fears that MPs are gerrymandering the Independence Referendum, stonemasons have begun restoration work to Hadrian’s Wall. As one concerned voter said: ‘They’re lumping us Scots together with the most undesirable parts of England. Who’s even heard of Dudley?’

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Posted: Oct 22nd, 2013
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David Hasselhoff hunted by police after Hadrian’s Wall disturbance

Police are appealing to David Hasselhoff to hand himself in following a disturbance near Hadrian’s Wall yesterday, in which Mr Hasselhoff was alleged to have damaged a small section of the 2000-year-old Roman monument.

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Posted: Jul 30th, 2010
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