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Jehovah’s Witness kept talking all evening after making mistake of opening door to trick-or-treaters

they had an answer for everythingBecame embroiled in a painful three-hour discussion about the true meaning of the festival and its significance to modern society.

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2009
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Halloween update; local youths ‘less frightening than usual’

‘I can cope with skeleton masks, devil outfits and ghost costumes. It’s the rest of the year when they lurk around with their hoods up that terrifies me.’

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Posted: Nov 1st, 2008
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Diminutive bank robbers bemoan timing of masked hold-up on Halloween

Cashier told them to wait while she got them some sweeties.

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2008
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US Judge censured for issuing death penalty dressed in Halloween costume

Court staff came as witches, vampires and Egyptian mummies.

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Posted: Nov 2nd, 2007
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Halloween Party Neither Frightening Nor Fun

‘One woman came in a nurse’s costume, but she was actually a nurse.’

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Posted: Nov 1st, 2006
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