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Greece shocked to learn it is now owned by Germany

‘I was gob-smacked when I read the small print,’ admitted Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, in hastily-learned German, now the official language of Greece. ‘It’s a blow, but I’m sure in a few years time the Americans will be over here to bail us all out properly.’

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Posted: Oct 1st, 2011
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Investing in beer a bad idea admits local drunk

Local park bench regular, Hugh Wendover, admitted yesterday that investing his money, sourced from generous donations from park visitors, was doomed to failure from the off-set.

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Posted: Feb 2nd, 2011
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Traumatized traders attempting to deal in railway timetables

There were growing signs that traders had begun to lose their minds this morning, as stock-brokers spontaneously began trading the departure times at Waterloo Station.

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Posted: Oct 1st, 2008
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