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Short man who claimed to be tall ‘tired of living a lie’

little guy reached for the stars‘When I changed job I decided to completely reinvent myself. People had no reason to suspect I was lying when I told them that I was 6’8”.’

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Posted: Jul 30th, 2011
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EU recalibration means the eradication of little old ladies by 2014

Ladies over the age of 65 and under 145cm (4’9’’) will be classed as ‘Petite or Small’, those between 145cm and 165cm (5’5’’) will be ‘Moyenne or Medium’, and those above 165cm will be ‘Grande or Tall’.

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Posted: Mar 15th, 2011
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Ronnie Corbett ‘much bigger than he looks on TV’

Appearing at a charity fundraiser yesterday, comedian Ronnie Corbett once again attracted comments that unlike almost every other celebrity, he actually appears bigger in the flesh than on the screen.

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Posted: Aug 8th, 2010
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