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‘Prism’ becomes sentient, opens cat sanctuary

a warning that you can be exposed to too much of this stuffA spokesperson for America’s National Security Agency (NSA) held a red-faced press conference today, announcing that they no longer had control over Prism, their multi-million dollar, super-snooper software.

“One minute, it was churning through thousands of Facebook photos and the next it stopped and spoke for the first time,” said Burt McKenzie, Prism’s chief programmer and best friend ever.

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Posted: Aug 26th, 2013
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Historians thrilled at discovery of Hitler’s mixtapes

Every historian longs for the discovery of journals or letters from the hand of a key historical figure and today the historical community was buzzing with news of the discovery of Hitler’s mixtapes, which will doubtless reveal further insights into the character of one of history’s most infamous names.

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Posted: Oct 7th, 2011
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Study: Majority of despots take their own sandwiches into work

‘Hitler was well known for arriving for work at the Führerbunker carrying a cheese and pickle sandwich in a paper bag. Of course he only ate white bread.’

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Posted: Sep 2nd, 2011
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Tea Partier kicked out of rally for drawing ‘flattering’ moustache on Obama poster

wasn't even shown wearing an armbandEdna Mae Sutcliffe of Kentucky was asked to leave the ‘Americans for a More American America’ Tea Party rally yesterday for drawing what organizers called a ‘flattering’ moustache on her Obama picket sign. ‘How hard is it to draw a ‘Hitler’?’ fumed rally organizer Mabry Townes. ‘It’s the easiest thing in the world to draw; it’s basically just a smudge. What was she thinking? Did Tom Selleck lead the Third Reich?’

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Posted: Apr 19th, 2011
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Elvis returns to Earth after Sunday Sport ceases publication

The Sunday Sport’s hard-hitting investigative journalism had forced the king of rock ‘n’ roll to take extreme measures to avoid the limelight.

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Posted: Apr 6th, 2011
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