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Study: Majority of despots take their own sandwiches into work

‘Hitler was well known for arriving for work at the Führerbunker carrying a cheese and pickle sandwich in a paper bag. Of course he only ate white bread.’

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Posted: Sep 2nd, 2011
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Tea Partier kicked out of rally for drawing ‘flattering’ moustache on Obama poster

wasn't even shown wearing an armbandEdna Mae Sutcliffe of Kentucky was asked to leave the ‘Americans for a More American America’ Tea Party rally yesterday for drawing what organizers called a ‘flattering’ moustache on her Obama picket sign. ‘How hard is it to draw a ‘Hitler’?’ fumed rally organizer Mabry Townes. ‘It’s the easiest thing in the world to draw; it’s basically just a smudge. What was she thinking? Did Tom Selleck lead the Third Reich?’

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Posted: Apr 19th, 2011
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Elvis returns to Earth after Sunday Sport ceases publication

The Sunday Sport’s hard-hitting investigative journalism had forced the king of rock ‘n’ roll to take extreme measures to avoid the limelight.

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Posted: Apr 6th, 2011
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Bin Laden may soon rival Hitler as internet forum base-standard unit of badness

According to new research, Osama bin Laden overtook Genghis Khan at the start of the year and has now gone sailing past Stalin to cement himself as the second choice for comparing badness in online discussions. Some experts say he may even surpass Hitler.

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Posted: Sep 27th, 2010
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‘People pre-judge me because I look like Hitler’

‘I just happen to have the same facial structure and a similar hair-cut’

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Posted: Oct 10th, 2009
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