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Mubarak to sue travel agent after ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in Egypt turns ugly

never againAn elderly couple who jetted off to Egypt in 1981 have spoken of their nightmare after crowds marched on their hotel and the nation rose up as one to expel them.

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Posted: Feb 8th, 2011
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Advertisement Feature: Get that ‘just back from holiday’ look with new L’Oréal SunBurn

no need to eat paella ever again!Want to look like you’ve been broiling on a beach in Magaluf but can’t be bothered to collect the newspaper coupons? Try new spray-on SunBurn from L’Oréal?

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Posted: Aug 10th, 2010
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Thousands face prospect of trouble-free holiday flights this summer

Holidaymakers are reportedly in fear of reaching 2nd-rate holiday destination rather than enjoying free food vouchers and camping in the terminal usually provided by annual travel crisis.

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Posted: Jul 25th, 2010
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Holiday saved after ninth look in pocket finds passport

beating the kids 'didn't help at all'Repeated frantic searches of pockets are the best way to track down mislaid keys, passports, air tickets and credit cards, according to behavioural scientists.

After months spent studying holidaymakers at airport check-in desks, researchers from the University of Strathclyde have concluded that swearing, smacking children and shouting at other passengers also helps locate missing items.

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Posted: Sep 10th, 2009
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Young British holidaymakers ‘to pre-book prison cells’

Thomas Cook trumpeted a new cell reservation scheme that is to offer young holidaymakers prison accommodation without having to get paralytically drunk and in a brawl first.

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Posted: Aug 10th, 2009
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