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‘Home-Hospitalling’ on the rise as parents lose faith in State Health System

parents understand, they really doToby Woodburn looks like any other 8 year old. He plays the same games, he watches the same television programmes and he talks cheerfully about the different stickers in his football sticker album. But unlike other boys of his age, he doesn’t go to the GP if he’s feeling unwell – Toby’s parents have opted for home hospitalling.

His father, Nigel, a research biologist, explains, ‘We first noticed Toby was of above average health almost as soon as he was born. There was no jaundice, no rashes, and his weight and length were at the upper end of the graph for his age. But instead of celebrating and nurturing this exceptional health, the health visitors spent less and less time with him.’

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Posted: Jun 14th, 2010
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