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Dominique Strauss-Kahn; raped chambermaid says ‘Enough about me’

The lowly hotel employee who was allegedly raped by IMF boss and front runner to be the next French President has spoken about her anxiety about the political ramifications of the incident.

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Posted: May 16th, 2011
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Al-Qaeda ask for Euro bail out

MI6 chiefs confirmed that they had received a message from Al-Qaeda asking if it would be possible for an Irish type bail-out to help them through these lean times.

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Posted: Nov 23rd, 2010
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Mervyn King to accompany PM everywhere and contradict him in real-time

PM bound to need help from time to timeWith strong support from the CBI, the OECD, IMF, World Bank and heads of the G20 nations, Mervyn King will shortly be appearing next to Gordon Brown everywhere he goes and pointing out on the spot when the Prime Minister says something that might be just ‘a teensy bit wrong’. Armed with his own assessments from the Bank of England and detailed analyses and forecasts from the other agencies, Mr King will be able to swiftly put the record straight when the PM says something daft like ‘we can just print all the money we want’.

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Posted: Jul 2nd, 2009
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IMF erects giant thermometer

IMF headquarters: throwing wet sponges at Pope could prove a moneyspinnerThe International Monetary Fund confirmed today that the giant thermometer erected outside its Washington headquarters will show the running total of funds raised for the recapitalisation of the world’s financial markets.

‘This is just the first step,’ said a spokesman. ‘We’ve got a fete lined up, followed by a sponsored walk, a bring-and-buy sale, and an international five-trillion-bob-a-job week.

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Posted: Mar 30th, 2009
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