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Isle of Wight tennis player arrives at Wimbledon with sense of hope and a Swingball set

must have a chance against FedererThe 22-year-old from Shanklin was only introduced to tennis just six months ago when his uncle returned from the mainland with a racquet he had found in a hedge, and that he initially believed to be a sophisticated device for dicing apples.

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Posted: Jun 24th, 2013
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Isle of Wight opens ‘CodgerWorld’, Britain’s first theme park for the elderly

‘Our centre offers the perfect place to keep the island’s key demographic occupied,’ said founder, Margret Briscoe, ‘and is ideally situated just a short bus ride from Sandown’s glamorous benches, bingo halls and fracture clinic.’

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Posted: Apr 14th, 2011
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Woman sues over misleading cocktail names

Isle of Wight resident Vickie Jones is suing a Ventnor cocktail bar claiming that the bar’s drinks failed to live up to the promise of their names.

‘I ordered Sex On the Beach and a Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall, followed by a Screaming Orgasm. All I got was a disappointing knee trembler up against a skip behind Asda,’ complained a very frustrated and emotional Mrs Jones while ordering a Red Headed Slut schnapps with a Cheeky Vimto cocktail.

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Posted: Dec 28th, 2009
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