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NATO to bomb FIFA

Colonel BlatterThe UN Security Council has agreed to use ‘all necessary means’ to protect 2.3 billion innocent yet hopeful football-mad civilians worldwide and end tyranny at the heart of football.

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Posted: May 30th, 2011
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US fired up as unemployment hits all-time low

Unemployment in the US has fallen for the 4th consecutive month in a row, adding credence to the claim that the war on two fronts in the Middle East is at last starting to yield beneficial results.

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Posted: Apr 4th, 2011
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Tony Blair to do ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’ speech at Iraq Inquiry

"Heeeeere's Tony"Will use his second appearance at the Iraq Inquiry to deliver the famous speech from the film A Few Good Men.

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Posted: Jan 20th, 2011
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Britain ‘chuffed’ with name-check in George W. Bush book

Haven't been so happy since Ronald Reagan only slightly mis-pronounced 'London'A carnival atmosphere erupted as it was discovered that the small island nation had been name-checked in the former president’s memoirs – and not just once!

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Posted: Nov 14th, 2010
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Iran completes construction of Death Star

'these are not the excuses you are looking for'‘The Death Star will be used for entirely peaceful purposes. Israel has no reason to worry about our new novelty paperweight.’

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Posted: Aug 30th, 2010
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