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Jeremy Kyle sent to broker Middle East peace deal

‘Perhaps Israel can have Gaza during the week and Palestine at weekends?’ suggested Kyle optimistically.

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Posted: Jan 4th, 2015
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Jews withdraw from Israel admitting ‘it’s not really worked out’

Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, announced that the Jewish people are to withdraw from Israel explaining that the whole ‘Holy Land/Chosen People’ thing had all been a lot more trouble than it was worth and that it might be better for all concerned if they simply went and lived in Brooklyn.

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Posted: Dec 30th, 2014
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Arab-Israeli conflict settled as Netanyahu & Hamas meet for ‘a few cheeky pints’

all it took was a decent manly seshBenjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Khaled Mashal last night announced a lasting settlement to the Israeli-Palestine conflict following a night of negotiations over eight pints of Fosters in the Lamb and Flag pub, Walthamstow.

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Posted: Nov 25th, 2014
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Supernanny resolves the Lebanon conflict

SupernannyViewers of Channel 4 last night learned how the so-called “Supernanny” Jo Frost was used to broker a deal between Israel and Hezbollah.

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Posted: Oct 7th, 2014
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Israeli tourists ‘gutted’ that they’re not welcome in Bradford

Tel Aviv airport was unusually quiet yesterday following George Galloway’s announcement that Bradford is to be an ‘Israel-free zone.’ ‘Normally there would be three or four flights a day to Leeds Bradford airport’, a spokesman said. ‘Israelis love Bradford.’

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Posted: Aug 31st, 2014
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