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Simon Cowell’s new show to find official ‘Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’

now looking for a profitable topping Simon Cowell today announced that his latest ITV talent show will for the first time feature inanimate as well as animate objects as he invites the public to vote for the official best thing since sliced bread.

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Posted: Oct 3rd, 2012
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Future monarchs to be chosen by ITV talent show ‘The Rex Factor’

Cowell sure this is the way to crack AmericaChanges to the royal succession laws unveiled this week mean that future potential kings and queens of the United Kingdom will now be selected by a new ITV talent show.

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2011
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ITV working on new Viking detective series; Inspector Norse

Inspector Norse will follow the fortunes of a grumpy, middle-aged Viking as he investigates cases of pillage, rape and pig-theft in the hamlet of Oxford.

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Posted: Oct 24th, 2011
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Italian prosecution service to hire Jeremy Kyle

Italian MP’s and Prosecutors have put together a plan to hire Jeremy Kyle to replace the existing Italian prosecution system.

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Posted: Oct 4th, 2011
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ITV apologises for uninterrupted coverage of England v Wales match

Adam Crozier, Chief Executive of ITV, has apologised to viewers for the coverage of Tuesday night’s Euro 2012 qualifier between England and Wales. The ad breaks were limited to during half-time, before and after kick-off, and the commentary and analysis failed to reach the levels of inanity which people have come to expect from ITV’s sporting coverage.

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Posted: Sep 7th, 2011
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