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Police vow crackdown on Jane Austen ‘coquette’ culture

Police appealing for a bit of common sense, and sensibilitySurrey police have embarked on an ambitious campaign to try to curb the rising phenomenon of anti-social incidents involving young women emulating behaviour they’ve picked up from the novels of Jane Austen.

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Posted: Nov 6th, 2015
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Derbyshire destroyed as romantic hero smoulders that little bit too much

'George Clooney, and now this!' bemoan spinstersAccording to unofficial reports, most of Derbyshire was destroyed by fire yesterday following an incident in the grounds of Pemberley House, near Lambton.

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Posted: Oct 21st, 2014
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Jeffrey Archer’s lack of style imposed by editors, says researcher

Following revelations that Jane Austen was a near illiterate whose style was the work of editors, a new scandal has hit the world of books.

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Posted: Oct 28th, 2010
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New ITV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice to be screened over 240 consecutive nights

Leading independent broadcaster ITV has announced a new and exciting interpretation of the classic Jane Austen work to fit in with new broadcasting rules announced by the government yesterday.
The full show will total two hours but will be ‘pithy, punchy and relevant to today’s audience’, and shown in 30 second episodes between all the adverts.

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Posted: Sep 21st, 2009
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Britain’s largest industry now Jane Austen

Books, films and TV shows related to the writing of Jane Austen have now surpassed manufacturing, shipping and computers.

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Posted: Sep 9th, 2008
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