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Terrorism attempt fails as suicide bomber forgets to put explosives timer clock back

Ahmed Amenz, a member of a Taliban insurgency cell, was left bemoaning his forgetfulness after a meticulously planned attack that was expected to see him create carnage in a Kabul market place, failed when the distracted father of three forgot to re-set the clock on the timer located on his homemade incendiary device.

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Posted: Oct 26th, 2009
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Jeremy Kyle sent to broker Middle East peace deal

Daytime talk show host Jeremy Kyle is being sent to Gaza in an attempt to bring together Israel and Palestine in an historic peace deal. In a special episode of his show entitled ‘how can we sort out our differences when you’re sleeping with America?’ Kyle and his studio audience will publicly humiliate both sides into giving each other another chance and agreeing a mutually acceptable custody arrangement. ‘Perhaps Israel can have Gaza during the week and Palestine at weekends’ suggested Kyle optimistically.

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Posted: Jan 6th, 2009
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