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Greece! The musical

Like all the best romantic musicals, Greece! is packed full of will-they-won’t-they tension, songs you’ll want to hear time and again, and plenty of ups and downs between the protagonists.

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Posted: Jan 27th, 2015
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Gwyneth Paltrow sent to Afghanistan for using inappropriate analogy

GwynethAfter the latest ruling under the new crowd-sourced sentencing system, Gwyneth Paltrow faces six months’ front line service in Afghanistan’s Helmand province for carelessly using an analogy that used war to describe the feeling of dehumanisation after receiving insults online.

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Posted: Jun 2nd, 2014
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US teenager branded ‘a fool’ after being stranded at drive-in by Hurricane Sandy

Mr Zuko said that he first realised he was in trouble when the hurricane force wall of water extinguished his cigarette in a spectacularly coquettish fashion, adding ‘My biggest concern was, what will they say, Monday at school?’

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2012
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