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New Batman Barry Scott swaps grime-fighting for crime-fighting

‘Have you ever accidentally sprayed that stuff in your eyes? I have, It’s lethal’, said Scott. ‘Forget fancy gadgets and guns, just one spray of that stuff in the face and you’re not going anywhere fast. Bang and the Joker is gone!’

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Posted: Aug 24th, 2013
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Hysterical laughter stops play at Wimbledon after man shouts ‘Come on Tim!’

best English joke at Wimbledon since Fred Perry sat on a ball boyThere was an outbreak of mass hysteria at The All England Tennis Championships today after a member of the audience shouted ‘Come on Tim!’ even though there was nobody called Tim actually playing.

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Posted: Jun 22nd, 2010
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‘They should make that mascot centre forward,’ jokes soccer fan

‘Oi referee, where’s your white stick?’ he shouted, making the Arsenal back four double up with laughter.

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Posted: Mar 8th, 2007
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