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News Of The World admits in court ‘some stories not verified with phone-tapping’

unbelieveable!‘Only a tiny number of stories had not been verified by phone-hacking’

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Posted: Apr 25th, 2010
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Outside the ring, ex-boxer Joe Calzaghe now faces ‘biggest cliche of his life’

his biggest opponent yet, as they sayAs a world champion boxer, Joe Calzaghe faced some terrifying opponents, says a hackneyed newspaper intro. But now he could be facing the ‘fight of his life’, according to a well known set up, and this time it’s outside of the ring, says the predictable punch line.

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Posted: Mar 28th, 2010
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Shock at cheese article ‘entirely without puns’

There was widespread outrage today at the decision by the editors of the Daily Express to publish a news story about cheese which featured no puns whatsoever.

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Posted: Feb 17th, 2010
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