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Edward Snowden trapped at Moscow airport in dispute over Ryanair surcharge

‘I had a travel plan all set up,’ explained Snowden, ‘but when Ryanair heard that I was wanted by the US government they slapped a £2m enemy-of-the-state surcharge on me.’

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Posted: Jun 27th, 2013
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Bradley Manning becomes the face of adult diapers

Shortly before going on trial, Private Manning announced a new sponsorship deal with Tranquillity Incontinence Products. While others have characterised the US soldier’s leaks as a threat to national security, he himself likened it to a warm, wet sensation.

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2013
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Panama hat shortage ‘critical’ as Ecuadorian sanctions bite

Only a week into Ecuador’s worldwide ban on the export of panama hats, the sanctions are beginning to bite. President Rafael Correa has said sanctions will remain in place until the British Government guarantees that it will grant Julian Assange safe passage to Quito.

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Posted: Aug 22nd, 2012
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Foreign Office; ‘Ecuador can keep Assange as long as they take Galloway as well’

'lickspittle' apparently has a different meaning in SwedishIn a move that has surprised most but pleased many, the British Government has given Ecuador one final option to resolve the current diplomatic crisis. They can keep Julian Assange, but have to take George Galloway as well.

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Posted: Aug 20th, 2012
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Julian Assange granted political asylum in Celebrity Big Brother house

The founder of Wikileaks is already fitting in well, carefully listening in to the conversations of fellow housemates before immediately running off to The Diary Room to reveal all of their most intimate secrets.

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Posted: Aug 17th, 2012
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