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Eastenders storyline ‘not written by Kat Slater’s tits’, claim BBC

The BBC reacted promptly yesterday after accusations that this week’s Eastenders storyline was written by Kat Slater’s improbable breasts, flubbering on a keyboard during breaks in filming.

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Posted: Feb 20th, 2015
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God to appear on Mumsnet webchat to defend King Solomon baby-slicing storyline

the almighty proved to be no match for the mumsnet crowdMumsnet has written to God complaining that its members had been ‘outraged and distressed’ by an Old Testament storyline in which a mother accidentally smothers her baby in bed, steals a friend’s baby, and then shouts to King Solomon that ‘It shall be neither mine nor hers — divide it with your sword!’’

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Posted: Jan 19th, 2011
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