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Royal baby; Dad now giving too much information

It's a struggle-wuggle-wuggle, yesh it isss... ‘He certainly has a very healthy and active digestive system!’

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Posted: Aug 16th, 2015
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Duchess of Cambridge chooses North Sea oil platform career

‘The Duchess is to relinquish her ‘softer’ public facing role in favour of some hard graft,’ said a Kensington Palace spokesperson, ‘she is very much looking forward to the prospect of surveying chain anchor legs and inspecting and stabilising underwater oil-pipelines.’

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Posted: Aug 4th, 2015
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Cambridge couple accidently trial new Facebook privacy setting

A Cambridge couple have been the first to trial a new Facebook privacy setting which enables you to broadcast your status to the nation via the front page of national newspapers.

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Posted: Jun 8th, 2015
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Royal couple ‘not sure what they did with the other one’

A proud Prince William stood on the steps outside Kensington Palace holding the new Royal baby and thanked everyone for their kind wishes and thoughts.

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Posted: May 4th, 2015
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Cut-off Nepalese villages still unaware Kate has had girl, say Red Cross

will just have to find something else to keep them occupiedMany remote villages in the worst hit areas of Nepal remain cut off and completely unaware that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby girl, according to the International Red Cross. Aid agencies have confirmed that thousands of people in Nepal’s middle hills and isolated western towns have still to be reached by rescue teams and given the news of the Royal baby.

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Posted: May 2nd, 2015
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