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Labour set to unveil the iCorbyn™

To the delight of technology fans and beard-wearers, the Labour Party is planning to launch a new device which will revolutionize the way we think of revolutions. This simple handle-held socialist will come in a retro 1980 shell, an expanded memory that includes references to Nye Bevan and with one button – mysteriously labelled ‘panic’.

Some have complained that the iCorbyn™ will have a ‘bad reception’ in parts of southern England, but admit that it cannot be worse than Vodaphone.

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Posted: Sep 10th, 2015
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Hackers expose names of thousands seeking fling with Labour

The Labour Party’s leadership contest has been suspended today, after hactivists exposed the names of thousands of people interested in having a dalliance with the party.

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Posted: Aug 25th, 2015
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Darth Vader ‘gutted’ Jeremy Corbyn has forgotten him

‘He holidayed on the Death Star, I let him destroy a planet’, sobbed Lord Vader. ‘He even asked if I could lend it him to deal with a ‘pesky’ nation he was bothered about. I’ll vote Tory next time – they never forget a friendly tyrant.’

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Posted: Aug 20th, 2015
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Corbyn to deflect scrutiny with brighter clothes

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has announced his intention to leave his signature biscuit-coloured garb in the wardrobe and dress more colourfully for the remainder of the campaign.

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Posted: Aug 7th, 2015
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Jeremy Corbyn enters Labour race in an alternate Universe

Labour having to boldly go where no party has gone before to find a new leaderScience fiction and socialism fans alike, have been delighted to discover that in a hypothetical self-contained reality there exists an actual left-wing candidate. The Member of Parliament for Islington North has managed to secure enough nominations to get on the ballot, but only in a parallel universe where there is compassion, collective responsibility and where we are ruled by a race of four-foot high, furry, purple bipeds all named ‘Michael Foot’.

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Posted: Jun 16th, 2015
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