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Letters ‘M’ & ‘N’ reoved from alphabet due to goverent cuts

David Caero ade the shock aouceet i the house of coos today that the alphabet would shrik to just twety four letters with iediate effect, sayig that “Labour left us owig billios ad billios of pouds ad tough decisios have to be ade”.

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Posted: Apr 25th, 2011
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‘Moon on a stick by 2015’ says upbeat Cameron

public sector to live on the dark side‘I am delighted to announce that the ‘Stick’ part of the plan is currently in its final stages, and will be unveiled early next month. We now just need to attach it to the moon.’

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Posted: Mar 31st, 2011
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Party manifestos to be displayed in plain packets with government health warning

best to keep them away from childrenNew election rules mean that all political manifestos will be required by law to be displayed inside plain white packets with a prominent health warning. Politicians will no longer be able to publicly advertise their manifestos and shops will be expected to keep them hidden away from view under the counter.

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Posted: Mar 12th, 2011
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Labour ‘way behind’ on plan for five years of squabbling and recrimination

Senior Labour figures have insisted the party is ‘still on track’ to fill its coming decades of opposition with customary infighting and political bloodletting, despite a tediously uncontroversial and jolly summer.

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Posted: Nov 15th, 2010
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Mandelson celebrates thousandth thing that really annoys the Tories

In an exclusive interview in the bowels of his Whitehall lair, Lord Mandelson celebrates needling the Tories for the landmark 1,000th time since 1997.

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Posted: May 11th, 2010
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