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Sarkozy admits French language a hoax after Wikileaks exposé

President not even sure what 'Assange' actually meansAfter yesterday’s Wikileaks revelations, Nicolas Sarkozy has today confirmed that the “French language” is indeed a one thousand year old hoax. The president of France revealed that what purported to be his native tongue was in fact complete gibberish, admitting the French really speak English, except in the presence of the British.

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Posted: Feb 25th, 2011
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U.S. re-starts secret testing of the word ‘nuke-u-lor’

Reports from monitoring stations have confirmed that the United States has restarted underground testing of the word ‘nuke-ulor’. The reports have been greeted with dismay by the international community. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon describing the move as ‘an act of harassment, but without the emphasis on the second syllable of harassment’. Monitoring stations have been [...]

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Posted: Feb 24th, 2011
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Dismay as UK’s last traditional wordsmith shop closes

‘The evolvement of an expansive gamut of broadcasted intercourse addressed by the televisual promulgators at our impressible progeny, is cultivating a proliferation of fallacious conceptions germane to the veridical employment of our copacetic vernacular.’

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Posted: Jan 8th, 2011
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