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Britain’s Got Talent to introduce strict ‘no clapping’ rule

'contenders must be shown due respect'A 76-rule code of conduct for ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent will outlaw the audience from clapping, booing, whistling or whooping. ‘The new rules are very clear,’ said programme creator, Simon Cowell, ‘the audience will sit quietly and listen to the acts with the solemn reverence that they deserve. Even if it is a dancing dog.’

The 76 rules have been agreed following months of tense negotiations between programme executives, performers and judges.

Other rules include a strict limit to the number of reaction shots of Amanda Holden gawping inanely, Simon Cowell leaning backwards like a businessman expecting a lap dance and no more than three shots of Piers Morgan looking like Piers Morgan.

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Posted: Apr 25th, 2010
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