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Cabinet members ‘too nervous’ to tell Thatcher she’s dead

‘I don’t think she’ll take it very well. I met her a couple of years ago and asked if she missed being prime minister and I experienced 10 minutes of ranting followed by a shout of ‘release the flying monkeys’.

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Posted: Apr 9th, 2013
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Lib Dems announce amnesia ‘no longer a membership requirement’

everyone agrees with NickFollowing several embarrassing incidents of forgetfulness, the Liberal Democrats have agreed to stop making amnesia a requirement of party membership.

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Posted: Feb 24th, 2013
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Lib Dems swoop for Pickles on deadline day

The biggest deal in every sense of the last day of the political transfer window was Eric Pickles’s move from the Tories to the Liberal Democrats for an undisclosed fee.

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Posted: Feb 4th, 2013
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Lib Dems lose pub quiz after failing to answer a single answer correctly

The Liberal Democrats have suffered a major defeat in the annual Westminster New Year’s pub quiz. Following 12 rounds, each containing 10 questions, the pub quiz captain, Nick ‘universally challenged’ Clegg failed to understand a question.

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Posted: Jan 10th, 2013
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Channel 5 announces new gameshow, ‘Skivers Vs Strivers’

a fight to the deathUlrika Jonsson and Vinnie Jones are to front a new Channel 5 reality show Skivers Vs Strivers, which the programme makers say ‘pits disgruntled middle-income worker drones against feckless benefits sponges’.

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Posted: Jan 9th, 2013
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