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BBC to save money by showing blokes watching programmes instead of programmes

blokes on sofa getting better deals by threatening to go to ITVBBC Director General Mark Thompson today announced that the BBC’s financial troubles could soon be behind them if a radical new approach to programming is implemented.

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Posted: Nov 3rd, 2015
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BBC to include new ‘How we commissioned it’ bit at end of each programme

The mini-documentary at the end of each programme will explain the mysteries of how TV executives and their friends all collaborate on how they spend the license payer’s money.

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Posted: Aug 1st, 2013
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BBC launches Pornography Channel

‘THIS is what I pay my licence fee for.’

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Posted: Sep 29th, 2008
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BBC admits going too far with TV license reminder slogan ‘Your Arse Won’t be Safe in Prison’

‘TV detector vans can quickly find you. But not as quick as a pack of sex-starved lifers’.

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2008
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