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Liverpool sign 55 year old radio presenter in £32.4m deal

TV and radio presenter Terry Christian has moved from his late night talk show at Radio Derby to Liverpool F.C. in a deal thought to be worth around £32.4m.

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Posted: Jul 24th, 2015
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David Moyes declared tactical genius after fielding three adverts to confuse Liverpool defence

5816734Won it while the ads were still on

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Posted: Feb 7th, 2015
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Expansion of Liverpool’s Anfield stadium to be scripted by Alan Bleasdale

The re-development of Liverpool’s Anfield stadium which includes the building of an additional tier on the main stand is to be written by playwright Alan Bleasdale. The £100m project which is due to begin on site on Monday is set to feature Bleasdale’s trademark black humour, 80s style social commentary and a cameo appearance by Graeme Souness.

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Posted: Dec 5th, 2014
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Referees to use nail guns to keep feet behind vanishing foam

The FA will ensure that Premier League referees will be better equipped to handle encroachment at free-kicks for the coming season, with the introduction of ‘heavy-duty nail guns’, Chief Executive Richard Scudamore announced today.

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Posted: Aug 7th, 2014
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FIFA rules Luis Suárez must be fed before matches

'om nom nom', as they say in UruguayAfter reviewing footage of Tuesday’s incident in which Luis Suárez appeared to help himself to a chunk of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, Fifa has instructed the Uruguay striker’s handlers to ensure that he is ‘fed prior to all future matches’.

‘Ninety minutes is a long time to go without a snack, so it’s understandable that Luis began to feel a little peckish’, said FIFA’s head chef, Sepp Blatter. ‘Yet no matter how tasty an Italy defender may appear to a famished striker, we really must insist that he lunches before, rather than during, competitive fixtures.’

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Posted: Jun 25th, 2014
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