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Witness Relocation Relocation launched on Channel 4

three hide-outs to choose from, but will any of them tick all the boxes?Kirstie and Phil will attempt to find new homes for former criminals who need to be re-housed in a hurry after entering the witness protection scheme.

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Posted: Jan 12th, 2011
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Penis extensions add no value to your man, says Mail on Sunday

it really won't impress the neighboursAnyone considering extending their man rather than moving should think again, according to a new report in the Mail on Sunday. While an extension can add value to a house and transform a neglected area into a bright and vibrant focus of attention, as well as avoiding stamp duty and the bother of moving, the same cannot be said for a man.

Lauren Thomas of Surbiton says she definitely regrets opting for an extension. ‘I started getting the spam email, but instead of deleting it I thought what a good idea it would be for John as a birthday present.’ After spending the next three months persuading John not to take it personally, she got him to try all the expensive exercises, creams and gadgets but found they had virtually no effect.

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2010
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