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Cameron ‘passed the port to the right’

New revelations about David Cameron’s student days claim that he ‘wantonly’ passed port in ‘an anticlockwise direction’.

An unnamed source, now a High Court Judge, described an occasion when Cameron allegedly attempted to fill his glass, despite being on the wrong side. ‘Naturally, I enquired whether he knew the Bishop of Norwich – this being the most direct way a gentleman may point out such a faux pas – but Cameron persisted in topping me up. With port I mean, not the other thing’.

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Posted: Sep 26th, 2015
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Queen presses Prime Minister on details of ‘lewd act’

Although the Prime Minister was keen to talk about international bank rates, the situation in the Mediterranean and the cooler autumn weather, Her Majesty kept coming back to the unspecified accusations she had heard about on Radio 4 news.

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Posted: Sep 23rd, 2015
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Lord Ashcroft ‘also slow to get his round in at the pub’

and if anyone's got any scampi fries...?An in-depth investigation by the BBC’s Panorama programme has delivered ‘conclusive’ evidence that Tory donor Lord Ashcroft invariably finds an excuse not to put his hand in his pocket at the pub.

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Posted: Sep 28th, 2010
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Lord Ashcroft to appear on Secret Millionaire

in talks with Lord Paul over who should give away more cashChannel 4′s hit reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’ is to feature its biggest give-away yet, with the surprise appearance of Conservative Deputy Party Chairman Lord Ashcroft.

In the show, the millionaire benefactor visits an ailing political party and restores it’s fortunes by pumping in millions of pounds. ‘He was amazing’ said Dave, a community worker, ‘he turned up, took a look at the shambles we had got ourselves into and slapped £4 million on the table just like that.’ ‘We just couldn’t believe our luck,’ added George, a trainee project worker, ‘Good old Mr Ashcroft. He’s a real life saver.’

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Posted: Mar 3rd, 2010
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