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Authorities condemn figure-of-eight M25 prank

The Highways Agency has condemned pranksters who last night reconfigured the M25 in to a giant figure-of-eight, and branded their actions as ‘short-sighted, potentially dangerous and extremely silly’.

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Posted: Mar 27th, 2013
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Faster-than-light Nissan Micra ‘may have been down to timing fault’

they've got some canny ideas aboot Einsteinian Relativistic fizix‘We were a bit surprised to find we’d topped six hundred million miles an hour, especially as the speedo only goes up to one hundred and twenty, but we put it down to the new go-faster stripes I’d got fitted that morning.’

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Posted: Feb 23rd, 2012
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British man breaks world record for time taken to get off a retail park

After completing his shopping at 14:45 on Saturday, he eventually got out of Bicester Village Outlet Park at 19:22 that evening, surpassing the previous record by 61 minutes.

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Posted: Apr 26th, 2011
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M25 appears in court accused of endangering motorists

Several of the UK’s busiest motorways and A-roads are to be prosecuted for putting drivers’ lives in danger. Following a survey which declared more than half the nation’s roads ‘unsafe’, several roads have been charged with using excessive bends and failing to provide motorists with adequate braking distances.

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Posted: Nov 30th, 2009
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Traffic congestion relieved by man blowing car horn

Alasdair Simmons, 39 of Gravesend was the hero of the day when stuck in traffic on the M25 late yesterday. ‘All of these cars and trucks were just sitting there, not moving’ he said ‘I just thought, bugger it, if they’re not going to move I’m going to give them a jolly good toot on my horn.’

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Posted: Sep 2nd, 2009
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