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Lord Mandelson launches his own perfume

available at, er... well, just available, really‘Mandy Pour Homme is a fruity, playful and charismatic perfume,’ said the former Business Secretary, ‘it is effortlessly seductive, infused with hyacinth, jasmine and cedar with just the delicate hint of duplicity and double dealing.’

Speaking at the launch of his new fragrance, Lord Mandelson said: ‘I like to think that this perfume captures the very essence of New Labour. You are initially hit with a glorious burst of anticipation, hope and excitement, closely followed by the foetid afterwhiff of corruption, deceit and betrayal.’

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Posted: Jul 13th, 2010
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Satan releases DNA results to prove no link with Mandelson

A triumphant Satan held a press conference yesterday, after a DNA test proved he has no genetic link to Peter Mandelson.

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Posted: May 2nd, 2009
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