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Police closing in on Britain’s most notorious queue-jumper

queue jumper: police closing inPolice believe they are close to apprehending Britain’s most notorious queue-jumper after a nationwide hunt lasting five years.

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Posted: Mar 21st, 2015
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‘It won’t bloody flush’, reports woman trapped in dinner party toilet

Amy Higgins faced a race against time yesterday with the cistern of a downstairs lavatory in Surrey, after a single flush at an intimate dinner party for six proved itself not up to the job.

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Posted: May 6th, 2012
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Company unveils plaque after employee ‘finally’ makes colleagues tea

An office worker was left ‘stunned and slightly embarrassed’ last week after bosses arranged for a commemorative plaque to mark the rare occasion of his making a round of teas for his colleagues.

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Posted: Apr 11th, 2011
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Thirsty vicar ‘forced to resort to flatulence’

One trump or two?The Reverend Michael Starns of St Edward’s Church, Mortimer was last week left with no choice but to break wind in order to ensure a second cup of tea during routine appointments.

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Posted: Oct 18th, 2009
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Guests still showing no signs of leaving

'We should never do this again'‘It feels like they’ve been here for years,’ said Brian Sheldon, an indigene of the disputed territory. ‘They keep raising our hopes saying, ‘Well, we’d better be going,’ and ‘I’m sure you’ve got things to do’, but they never actually go.’

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Posted: Jul 26th, 2009
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