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Sock couple re-united after painful two-year separation

thought they would never meet againThere were scenes of jubilation and relief yesterday in the Barry household in Molesey, Surrey as a sock couple were finally re-united after a heart-breaking separation.

The pair, who everyone agrees were made for each other, were rent asunder after Right made a seemingly innocent excursion to the laundry basket two years ago but never returned. Although Left, his companion, initially took it in her stride, she later began to sense that something serious must be wrong. ‘It wasn’t like him,’ she said. ‘He’d never gone off without me before. Sure, we’d had our troubles, but we’d always managed to patch things up.’

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Posted: Apr 4th, 2010
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Wife abandoned by husband for younger woman admits ‘he’s got a point’

drunk_woman_lead_wideweb__470x3070‘Chelsea is such a pretty name. I’m sure it sounds much better when screamed in ecstatic abandon than Brenda.’

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Posted: Aug 3rd, 2009
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