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Brexiters raptured immediately after Johnson accession

As the 1922 Committee announced that Johnson had won the Conservative leadership concert, the delight and bliss experienced by hard Brexiteers that one of their own had finally secured the Premiership was so extreme that all true believers waiting to hear the results in Queen Elizabeth Hall immediately began to vibrate in a haze of light and ascend into heaven in individual beams of light, [read...]


Mark Francois livid at not being handed Ministry of Defence portfolio

Professional furious person and MP for Rayleigh & Wickford, Mark Francois, is seething today after having been overlooked as the replacement for disgraced former Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson. Speaking to reporters, incandescent with rage and with plumes of white smoke pouring from his ears the apoplectic puffed-up parliamentarian snapped: ‘Proof if it… [read...]

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