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Cameron calls for calm in the worsening Bake Off conflict

Tart! Atrocities against Baked Alaska

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Posted: Aug 22nd, 2015
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Mary Berry no longer to be trusted with state secrets

After the public outcry surrounding a Radio 2 appearance in which Mary Berry prematurely revealed the name of the next contestant to exit the Great British Bake Off, FBI director James Comey has been forced to provide a statement clarifying her relationship to national security.

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Posted: Aug 21st, 2015
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Phone vote victory for Michael Gove in ‘Great British F**k off’

The British Public have a new champion tonight, with a proud Mr. Gove scoring highly in the signature round with a pleasingly pseudo-Latin sobriquet – ‘Asinus stultissimus’. This followed his spectacular ‘deconstructed’ education system or a ‘sh*t soufflé’ as Marry Berry described it.

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Posted: Oct 24th, 2013
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