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Perturbed Poppins set to take on Frost in world’s first nanny-off

‘Supernanny?’ said Poppins, ‘what does she know about nannying?’ ‘Does she carry a large bag around with her? If so, I’ve never seen her pull a single household object from it: not so much as an ironing board – doesn’t sound very super to me.’

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Posted: Jul 27th, 2011
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Mary Poppins banned from child minding

spoonful of sugar, my arse.Self styled ‘nanny’ Mary Poppins has today been served with a court order banning her from all child minding activities. Following the hearing, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Social Services department issued a statement outlining the reasons for the order.

‘Ms Poppins, of no fixed abode, has no recognised child care qualifications from any accredited organisation. Her previous employer, a Mr Banks, raised a number of concerns with us including her administration of spoonfuls of an unidentified medicine to children in her care, all of them laced with unhealthy amounts of sugar

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Posted: Nov 15th, 2009
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