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Canada runs out of coconut

An extra 52 tourists visited for the Women’s Football World Cup and their unexpected appetite for the fibrous drupe has led to a crisis, with 24 people who ‘swear by coconut water’ saying ‘Bloody hell, still no coconut water?’ and dying

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2015
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BBC’s Jezza could topple ‘at any time’ as more cracks appear

the most iconic icon... in the woorldThe BBC’s iconic monolith ‘Jezza’ is in danger of collapsing due to its ‘feet of clay’ and ‘teeny, weeny, tiny, toe’ say experts.

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Posted: May 3rd, 2014
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Pacific castaway confesses he didn’t raise a single penny for charity

A fisherman who spent thirteen months in the Pacific has admitted that his last memory of leaving his home port was a nagging thought that he’d forgotten something, which after two months at sea he finally realised was sponsorship.

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Posted: Feb 6th, 2014
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Top Gear controversy escalates as ‘deeply inoffensive’ off-air comments revealed

new Stig actually from just outside Acapulco Top Gear have apologised in a written statement signed by all three presenters and producers after supposedly ‘off air’ comments made during the segue from studio broadcasting to feature were transmitted live.

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Posted: Feb 2nd, 2011
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WHO apologises after accidentally turning up flu alert to 7.5

Officials at the World Health Organisation have apologised after a technician accidentally turned up the swine flu alert level to 7.5, killing 90 million people in the process. The incident happened on Sunday, when two IT engineers undertook essential maintainance; one of the men ‘noticed that the dial went up to 11, and wondered what would happen if they cranked it up a bit.’

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Posted: Jun 8th, 2009
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