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Duchess of Cambridge: ‘Thanks for the rules change, but we probably won’t be having kids’

Commonwealth leaders were said to be ‘disgruntled’ after Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge admitted that she and Prince William ‘aren’t really the parenty type, to be honest.’

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2011
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Married men seek super-injunction against royal wedding

but we're not allowed to report on itBritain’s married men have formally applied for a so-called ‘super-injunction’, in an attempt to prevent the royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton from being shown on television, ‘or indeed in any form of media whatsoever.’

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Posted: Apr 28th, 2011
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Queen to be replaced by Charles and William ‘coalition’

a third of minor Royals' jobs may have to goWith the once mildly-popular monarch deemed by critics to have ‘overstayed her welcome’, the leadership duo will usher in a new royal era commentators are already calling ‘The Big Monarchy’.

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Posted: Oct 16th, 2010
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