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‘Here comes the big aeroplane’ parents given all-clear to resume feeding

still concerns that Mr Choo-Choo could be affected by leavesYoung mothers across Southern England breathed a collective sigh of relief after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that so-called ‘Here comes the big aeroplane’ spoon-feeding techniques could safely resume.

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Posted: Dec 14th, 2014
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Local woman shocked newborn is not ‘like, way cuter’

The baby was weighed at 7 lb 3 oz, but Jenson insists that she must be heavier as her stomach completely obscures her rib cage. She is refusing to breastfeed until the diet pills she has been consuming covertly kick in.

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2014
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Missing teen found safe in a world of her own

No trace was found of her meeting strangers over the internet or on CCTV cameras at railway stations, so the police contacted psychologists who advised them that she might be in a world of her own.

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Posted: Sep 24th, 2013
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Dead mother even more annoying as a ghost

Eleanor Drysden, 51, is seeking help after reporting unwelcome visitations from her recently deceased mother, Ethel. Eleanor admitted having whispered, ‘don’t go Mum’, seconds before her mother’s final breath, and Ethel has remained true to her daughter’s final request.

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Posted: Feb 21st, 2012
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Grandparent commends offspring’s superior parenting skills

'doing a much better job than I did...'‘I have absolutely no suggestions as to how she could improve her quite brilliant maternal prowess.’

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Posted: Aug 30th, 2009
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