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450 motorists fined for tailgating in M1 traffic jam

Traffic Enforcement Officers had a field day yesterday when a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on the M1 left 450 motorists at the mercy of the new tailgating law.

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Posted: Jun 6th, 2013
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Ministers to consider raising the speed of light

‘Increasing the speed limit would reduce the journey time from the sun to the earth from its current sluggish 8 minutes and 19 seconds, bringing enormous economic benefits by increasing the amount of sunlight we receive and potentially lengthening the day.’

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Posted: Sep 30th, 2011
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New species of badger discovered with vital organs on the inside

It has been observed walking around instead of just lying at the side of the road bleeding while being eaten by birds, and is also around a foot higher.

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2011
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New motorway lanes to be used for housing

In an innovative move to help meet Government housing targets, unused lanes on Britain’s motorways are to be used to provide space for thousands of new homes.

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Posted: Oct 5th, 2009
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